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Meadow Glade House Cleaning Services

Service Joy Maids in Meadow Glade, WA provides the best house cleaning services. Our professionals are fully trained for all these things. Our services of professionals will bring a smile on your face for sure. It is our main motive. Call Us:- 971-339-8228‬


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    Maintain A Good Hygiene Level With Our House Cleaning Service In Meadow Glade, WA

    We are providing the cleaning services by assigning the highly trained cleaners.
    After availing our house cleaning services in Meadow Glade, WA, you will get a completely hygienic environment at home.
    Our first priority is to satisfy the clients. We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    Our professional house cleaners in Meadow Glade, WA we are capable of proceeding with all types of cleaning solutions as per your requirements.
    Contact us today and we will help you in keeping your house fully neat & clean.

    Get Complete Solutions Of House Cleaning Services In Meadow Glade, WA At Service Joy Maids

    Our team of expert cleaners is always available to assist our clients and serve in the best manner as they can. Our house cleaning service plans are available with lots of options.

    All Season Deep Home Cleaning Services

    All Season Deep Cleaning

    Deep cleaning is useful in getting each and every corner of the house completely cleaned. It will be useful in improving the condition of a complete house and maintaining hygiene level high. According to the experts all individuals should consider such kind of cleaning at least once in a year. Our professionals do not leave a single corner of your house.

    Weekly Home Cleaning Services

    Weekly Cleaning

    If you want to set up a particular cleaning schedule such as weekly or bi-weekly, then you can hire our professional house cleaners. We will visit your house on weekends and clean it perfectly. In case you are planning for any picnic on the weekend and anything else, then you can entrust the key to your house. We will clean it adequately.

    Move In Home Cleaning Services

    Move In Cleaning

    If you are going to change your house, then you need to clean it properly before entering the new one. It is considered as the move in cleaning. We are offering such services. Our professionals know how to clean a complete house and keep it suitable for clients to shift. We will provide a completely hygienic and fresh environment in your new house.

    Move Out Home Cleaning Service

    Move Out Cleaning

    When it comes to leaving a house and shifting to another one, then it is important to proceed with a final cleaning. This particular kind of cleaning is considered as the move out cleaning. We have such a cleaning solution. You can shift the house and transfer the complete stuff without any cleaning hassle. Our professionals will take care of that.

    Service Joy Maid Services

    Maid Services / Maids In Meadow Glade

    In case you want to maintain cleanliness in house on a daily basis and tackle some other tasks as well, then our maid services can be perfect for you. Our Meadow Glade maids are highly trained and capable of handling all types of tasks. It will help you in getting fully satisfied and live peacefully. 

    Why Hire Meadow Glade As Your Best House Cleaning Services In Meadow Glade, WA?

    Now Service Joy Maids in Meadow Glade, WA. You can access our services by making a call or contact via any source. We are one of the best house cleaning service providers in Meadow Glade, WA. We have a team of professional house cleaners who are experienced and certified for such kinds of tasks.



    Our professional cleaners are highly experienced in providing such a kind of service. On the basis of such an experience, they are dealing with lots of things such as – eliminate all types of bad odor from the house and maintain hygiene levels.


    Free Estimations

    In case you want to get some estimations first before hiring the services, then we will help you. We are providing free estimation services where we can calculate all factors and give you complete information about the cost of cleaning.


    Special Offers

    We are providing services by presenting some special offers. By accessing these offers, you are able to save money and avail of our high quality services at lower prices. Some offers are available for a limited time period. Contact us today and choose your house cleaning plan.


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Service Joy Maids in Meadow Glade believe in keeping their clients fully satisfied. The first thing that you will get with our services is full satisfaction guarantee. Our professionals visit your house and keep it fully cleaned and they know how to provide the best services by which clients get satisfied easily.


    Trusted Cleaners

    We recruit cleaners for services by checking their backgrounds firstly. All our house cleaners are trusted and certified by which you can avail our services without any kind of stress.


    Equipment And Supplies

    In the cleaning tasks, the most important things are equipment and supplies. When it comes to buy such things, then everyone needs to spend a big amount of money. We understand it, don’t let our clients spend such a big amount. We are providing house cleaning services along with equipment and supplies.

    Choose Our Perfect Home Cleaning Services Near Me


    What Services Do You Provide In Your Weekly Cleaning Plan?

    We are providing fully featured weekly cleaning services where our professionals will clean your house by performing different types of tasks such as –


    • Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
    • Hand-wash clean the stove and backsplash
    • Hand-wash cabinets and drawer exteriors
    • Clean the exterior of appliances
    • Clean the interior of refrigerator
    • Clean the interior of oven
    • Clean and sanitize the sink
    • Load breakfast dishes into the dishwasher
    • Hand-wash counters
    • Wipe clean the kitchen window
    • Wipe down tables and chairs
    • Wash floor with special attention to corners
    • Hand-wipe clean inside and outside of the trash can
    • Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards
    • Clean behind refrigerator


    • Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
    • Shower and tub scrubbed clean
    • Sinks hand-washed
    • Shower glass cleaned
    • Counters hand-washed
    • Mirrors cleaned and shined
    • Fixtures cleaned and shined
    • Remove smudges from light switch plates
    • Floors hand washed
    • Clean & sanitize trash cans
    • Tile scrubbed clean
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards


    • Tidy up, and make beds
    • Change linens when provided
    • Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet
    • Dust and polish furniture
    • Remove trash
    • Clean and sanitize trash can,inside and out
    • Remove high cobwebs
    • Remove dust from ceiling fan
    • Remove smudges from light switch plates
    • Wipe clean picture frames
    • Wipe clean window sills and sashes
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards


    • Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
    • Vacuum couches and upholstered chairs
    • Dust and polish furniture
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Remove dust from blinds
    • Remove dust from ceiling fans
    • Remove smudges from light switch plates
    • Remove smudges from doors
    • Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans
    • Hand-wash window sills and sashes
    • Hand-wash front door glass
    • Hand-wash sliding glass doors, vacuum tracks
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards
    • Pick up and straighten, remove trash
    For more cleaning you can choose your other plans. If you want to get more details, then contact us today and we love to assist you in eliminating confusion.

    Do You Have The License Of Providing House Cleaning Services?

    If you are searching for house cleaning services near me in Meadow Glade, WA with a license, then we are available. We are registered under government rules and regulations. With it, our cleaning professionals are fully insured.