The Best House Cleaning Services In Portland, Oregon Ever!

Portland Maids House Cleaning Services

Service Joy Maids in Portland, OR provides the best house cleaning services in Portland, Oregon. Our professionals are fully trained for all these things. Our services of professionals will bring a smile on your face for sure. It is our main motive. Call Us:- 971-339-8228


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    Keep Your House Hygienic With Our Portland Maids House Cleaning Services

    Choose Portland maids to maintain cleanliness in your house.
    Avail of our house cleaning service Portland OR and breathe in the fresh air freely.
    We are serving for years as the best house cleaning maids in Portland with a 100% successful track record.
    Service Joy Maids is known for offering all types of house cleaning services with no issue.
    We work for the client satisfaction only.

    Get 360 Degree House Cleaning Services In Portland, Oregon

    We have years of experience in providing Portland Maids and the world’s best house cleaning services. During our working career, we deliver top-notch services by keeping our clients fully satisfied. Our services plans are associated with different types of house cleaning Portland Oregon cleaning service options.

    All Season Deep Home Cleaning Services

    All Season Deep Cleaning

    All season deep cleaning is a kind of cleaning service that is preferred by house owner once or twice a year only. Our team as Portland Maids experienced home cleaning professionals knows how to conduct such a kind of cleaning activities and clean every corner of your house.

    Weekly Home Cleaning Services

    Weekly Cleaning

    We understand our clients and all types of requirements. In case you do not have enough time to set up cleaning schedules, then you can pick our Portland house cleaning services with weekly cleaning options.

    Move In Home Cleaning Services

    Move In Cleaning

    By choosing our house cleaning services Portland Oregon, you can get the best move-in cleaning experience and enter your new house with a completely hygienic and fresh atmosphere that can help you in living healthy.

    Move Out Home Cleaning Service

    Move Out Cleaning

    No one wants to leave their previous house with dirt and messy things. If you want to keep it clean and also worried about your move, then hire your move out Portland cleaning services and get your house fully cleaned quickly.

    Service Joy Maid Services

    Maid Services / Portland Maids

    Many people are willing to get a full time cleaning assistant. If you want, then we are available with our best maid service Portland Oregon. We have experienced and skillful maids who can easily take over all cleaning tasks and deliver the desired results.

    Why Choose Service Joy Maids As The Best House Cleaning maids in Portland OR?

    Service Joy Maids does not serve clients for making a big amount of money. We work to keep our clients satisfied and it is our main motive only. You can easily find such a thing in our way of providing the house cleaning service in Portland OR. Some major reasons are here as well.



    The most important thing about our services is the source. We do not assign anyone to keep your house cleaned by eliminating all pollutants and disturbing factors. We provide janitorial service Portland OR by assigning house cleaning professionals who are experienced and possess some special knowledge.

    Genuine Pricing

    As we mentioned, Portland Maids provide service to keep your clients happy. To make it true and possible, we are offering impressive and fully featured house cleaning in Portland Oregon service plans at affordable prices. Anyone can easily avail of our cleaning services with ease.


    We do not provide services by following any illegal or unauthorized ways. We are registered under the government’s rules and regulations for providing the best house cleaning services. It means you can trust us and avail of our maid for Portland without any issue.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    While choosing our maid service Portland OR, there is one thing that you will get for sure. It is satisfaction from our cleaning services that can easily keep your complete house fully cleaned and free from all types of dirt particles.

    Trusted Cleaners

    We provide cleaning services by assigning a team of highly experienced home cleaning maids. Our home cleaning maids are not only experienced but also trusted. We recruit and assign maids for house cleaning Portland after a complete background check.

    Equipment And Supplies

    Our main motive is to provide comfort instead of stress to our clients. In case you are hiring our house cleaning maids in Portland Oregon, then our professionals will visit your house with all the required supplies and equipment. It means you do not have to make cleaning arrangements.
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    What Services Do You Provide As A Maid Service Provider?

    We are providing fully-featured maid services in Portland OR. Our maids are capable of completing all types of jobs or cleaning tasks such as –


    • Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
    • Hand-wash clean the stove and backsplash
    • Hand-wash cabinets and drawer exteriors
    • Clean the exterior of appliances
    • Clean the interior of refrigerator
    • Clean the interior of oven
    • Clean and sanitize the sink
    • Load breakfast dishes into the dishwasher
    • Hand-wash counters
    • Wipe clean the kitchen window
    • Wipe down tables and chairs
    • Wash floor with special attention to corners
    • Hand-wipe clean inside and outside of the trash can
    • Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards
    • Clean behind refrigerator


    • Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
    • Shower and tub scrubbed clean
    • Sinks hand-washed
    • Shower glass cleaned
    • Counters hand-washed
    • Mirrors cleaned and shined
    • Fixtures cleaned and shined
    • Remove smudges from light switch plates
    • Floors hand washed
    • Clean & sanitize trash cans
    • Tile scrubbed clean
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards


    • Tidy up, and make beds
    • Change linens when provided
    • Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet
    • Dust and polish furniture
    • Remove trash
    • Clean and sanitize trash can,inside and out
    • Remove high cobwebs
    • Remove dust from ceiling fan
    • Remove smudges from light switch plates
    • Wipe clean picture frames
    • Wipe clean window sills and sashes
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards


    • Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
    • Vacuum couches and upholstered chairs
    • Dust and polish furniture
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Remove dust from blinds
    • Remove dust from ceiling fans
    • Remove smudges from light switch plates
    • Remove smudges from doors
    • Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans
    • Hand-wash window sills and sashes
    • Hand-wash front door glass
    • Hand-wash sliding glass doors, vacuum tracks
    • Hand wash exposed baseboards
    • Pick up and straighten, remove trash

    These are some major tasks. Our maids can also handle other household related tasks, by which you can be focused on your work and life easily.

    Do You Have Insurance?

    Service Joy Portland Maids does not provide services in a careless manner. We offer quality services by having all essentials such as – license and insurance. All house cleaning professionals are licensed and insured.


    Avail The Best House Cleaning Services In Portland, Oregon With Service Joy Maids!

    Living a happy life is everyone’s dream. It can be possible by hiring the best house cleaning maids in Portland and keeping your living space completely clean, hygienic, and fresh environment to breathe. For all these things, you can hire Service Joy Maids with ease. We have experience in providing the best house cleaning services and delivering the best results.

    Some people want to know why they should hire cleaning services. In reality, it can be useful in eliminating impurities or pollutants from the house. The elimination of all these things can lead to a hygienic environment in the house where you can breathe easily and prevent several health issues.
    In case you are breathing in bad or polluted air, then it can lead to some serious health issues, like – asthma. We never let that happen, hire our cleaning services in Portland today! And get your house fully cleaned by the cleaning professionals.


    What Makes Us Better?

    There are several options available regarding the selection of the best house cleaning service provider. Here, everyone needs to focus on lots of factors. If you hire Service Joy Maids, then you can experience lots of benefits as compared to other Portland cleaning service providers. Here get detailed information.

    No Burden

    For many individuals, cleaning is not more than a burden that can lead to stress and some major problems. In case you hire our maids Portland, then our professionals will take care of that burden and make you feel good properly. Our services can help you lift your burden and help you in enjoying life.

    Get Ready For Occasions or Events

    When it comes to some important occasions, then everyone wants to keep their house completely clean. It can help them in impressing the guests quickly and show them great hospitality. During the occasion days, it is not an easy task to keep the complete house clean and prevent all types of problems quickly. By hiring our maid service in Portland Oregon, you can easily deal with it. Our professionals can focus on house cleaning and other associated tasks. While our professionals clean your house, you can focus on other activities.

    Spotless Bathrooms

    For healthy living, everyone wants to keep everything hygienic in the surroundings. Here, they need to check out various elements, such as – the condition of bathrooms. With our best house cleaning services in Portland Oregon, you can easily get spotless bathrooms and enjoy your bath without worrying about any kind of bacteria or unhygienic elements. Our professionals are fully trained for all these things and work on cleaning all corners of the house.


    Due to the hectic schedules and some other work reasons, the individuals are not able to spend time with their family. In case they get free time, then they have to focus on house cleaning. In case you want to eliminate all these things and want to spend some time with your family to enjoy your surroundings, then you can avail our Portland cleaning services. By hiring our services, you do not have to move your finger. Our professionals will do everything. All you have to do is sit on the sofa and sip coffee.


    Cleaning not only affects the house environment but also leads to some effects on the items available. Everyone wants to make sure they are using all things perfectly by which they can avail of services for a long time period. If you choose our maid service in Portland OR, then you can increase item durability with ease and use all your items for a long time. Our professionals have deep knowledge of cleaning and they know what kind of cleaning agents or products they have to use for different things.


    When it comes to health, then the most important things are the surroundings and atmosphere. In case you do not get success in maintaining a hygienic environment inside the house, then you may face some breathing issues due to the availability of pollutants and other bad elements. With our Portland house cleaning services, you can easily maintain a better atmosphere inside the house by which you can make lots of things better.

    Use of Eco-Friendly Products

    While providing the cleaning services, we focus on each and every possible factor by which your health condition may affect you. To keep everything perfect, we use top-quality and 100% eco-friendly products. It means our cleaning products are completely free from the chemical properties-based products. Our maids in Portland know everything regarding the usage of cleaning agents by which they can easily avoid the harmful effects. Due to the usage of natural products in the janitorial service in Portland OR, our professionals leave a completely fresh and healthy environment to breathe.

    All these things can help you in getting introduced to the importance of hiring Portland maid services. In case you have an interest in making lots of things better, then you can contact us today to discuss facts regarding your house and cleaning requirements. You can send your queries and within a short time, you will get a response and after finalizing everything, our house cleaner in Portland Oregon will visit your place quickly.